Somali aaway or where is Somalia? is a new kind of platfrom new to the Somali media scene as it provides information in a way that is different from the usual methods employed in the Somali online social media. The main purpose of this website is to inform Somalia about Somalia in a very clear, concise and facts based way. If you have more upto date facts, please contact us and will update as long as your iput can be verified with reliable references.

Somalia went through many years with no functioning governments. And then followed by few more years with weak governments. This makes Somalia unique as the only country with this kind of contemporary history. I hope through this website and other linked to this, at least we can inform each other what is going on? In an unbiased, honest way. We now have a government, which is trying hard to rewrite history and with all its good intentions, pushing Somalia into an unknown destination. We remain hopeful, and trust that ultimately reason will prevail.

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